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Don’t wait! Get checked after an auto accident or injury. WE ACCEPT LIEN.

The longer the wait, the worse the conditions can become. Immediate evolution by qualified doctors with expertise in medical- legal and knowledge of trauma cases.

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Expertise in Accident Recovery

Recovering from an accident can be tough, but you're not alone. We're here with specialized care for Personal Injury / accident-related injuries, offering personalized solutions to help you heal faster and more effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Specialty Care

Find all your healthcare needs in one place. Our integrated approach combines various specialties to offer comprehensive care.

Why Choose Us?

Multi-language Support

Our services are accessible in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, and Farsi, to ensure you feel heard and understood at every step.


Orthopedic Surgeon / Extremity Surgery

We offer orthopedic evaluation / upper & lower extremity surgeries. We also offer arthroscopic surgery...

Anesthesiologist / Pain Management

Our Anesthesiologist / Pain Management program is designed to help patients recover from accidents or medical procedures ...

Chiropractic / Physiotherapy

Our chiropractic care focuses on gentle, non-invasive treatments to promote natural healing. Skilled in ...

Orthopedic / Spine Surgeon

Our Orthopedic / Spine Surgeon approach focuses on treating personal injury and sports-related injuries with a combination ...

Got in a car accident a few months ago and I was referred to Dr. Mousavi's office by a friend. From start to finish my experience with Dr. Mousavi and his staff has been incredible! Dr. Mousavi is very kind, patient, knowledgeable, and honest. He takes his time with you and thoroughly explains to you the process and what to expect. He is very knowledgeable and well-versed in multiple specialties. His front desk staff are also very kind and helpful. Always greet you with a smile and are quick and efficient. I saw Dr. Mousavi for a little over three months, was in severe pain when I first came in, and now I am pain free!

Thank you so much Dr. Mousavi, Dr. Freedman, and staff. I highly recommend them!

Paulina A.

You will love Dr. Mousavi and Dr. Simpson at First Hope Medical Clinic. They truly care about their patients and will help make a difference in you life. I know they did for me. Thank you Dr. Mousavi and Dr. Simpson.

Truly doctors that care about their patients.

Kathleen M.

I had an amazing experience here after a very badd car accident, didn't think I would be the same, came back and left even better. Doctor Mousavi was amazing As well as his orthopedic and neurosurgeon.

Great Anesthesiologist / Pain Management and therapy services too. Highly recommend this facility.

Christian L.

The definition of a medical lien

To be treated on a lien basis means that your doctor will not require you to have medical insurance or to pay upfront or at the time of treatment. Instead, your doctor or other medical provider will treat you now and wait to be paid after your personal injury case is completed.

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