First Hope Medical Clinic / Oc Injury Doctors: Bridging Health and Care in Costa Mesa

We specialize in orthopedic surgery / spine surgery, orthopedic surgery / upper & lower extremity, board certified anesthesiologist / pain management ,chiropractic/physiotherapy, and radiology in Costa Mesa.

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Why Choose Us?

First Hope Medical Clinic offers high-quality healthcare services. Our clinic in Santa Ana focuses on Orthopedic Surgery / Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery / Upper & Lower Extremity, Board certified Anesthesiologist / Pain Management ,Chiropractic/Physiotherapy, and Radiology. We are dedicated to improving your health with effective treatments and a caring approach.

  • Personalized Chiropractic Care: Customized treatments for spine health and overall wellness

  • Orthopedic / Spine Surgeon: Effective strategies for managing chronic and acute pain

  • Skilled Orthopedic Surgery: Advanced surgical care for bone and joint conditions

  • Anesthesiologist / Pain Management: Integrative approach for rehabilitation and recovery

  • Community-Focused Health Care: Committed to serving the Costa Mesa community with quality care

First Hope Medical Clinic serves clients across

Conveniently accessible from 5, 55, 405, 22 & 91 freeways