Auto Accident / Personal Injury

Auto Accident / Personal Injury in Santa Ana

Our multispecialty clinic is your number one care facility when seeking effective treatment for auto accident injuries. First Hope Medical Clinic, Inc. / OC Injury Doctors provides a complete approach for auto accident injury recovery. Our specialists are dedicated to restoring your body to health and we use a variety of techniques and services for this purpose. Our goal is to speed your recovery and return you to your active life. We do not want you to lose another day to pain or limited mobility. We invited residents of Orange County including Santa Ana, Anaheim and Huntington Beach to visit us for your recovery needs.

Conditions Treated at First Hope Medical Clinic, Inc. / OC Injury Doctors.

Auto accidents happen so suddenly yet the pain and discomfort from an injury may last for years. Our health team provides a complete examination of your injuries so we develop the most effective recovery approach. Our orthopedic surgeon evaluates joint pain in addition to nerve and muscle damage. Our chiropractors examine your neck, back and joints to determine the best care for pain relief. We also use acupuncture to enhance the body's ability to heal and recover. Plus, our team teaches you exercises to support your auto accident injury recovery and re-stabilize your body. Some of the conditions we care for include:

  • whiplash that occurs when your head is quickly forced forward and backward. The muscles, tendons and vertebrae may be strained or pushed out of alignment. You experience headaches, dizziness, eye focusing concerns and irritability.

  • concussions that result when your head slams into the steering wheel or window. The swelling in your head and brain may press on areas creating headaches, difficulty concentrating and blurred vision.

  • back pain can occur depending on the direction of impact. If the trauma is severe, your disc may herniate or leak out of the space between the vertebrae. This creates pain and limited range of motion.

  • neck pain from whiplash or jostling from impact. The muscles across your upper back may stretch to accommodate the force, which can result in pain.

  • shoulder pain from impact or seatbelt.

  • chest pain from the seatbelt or contact with the steering wheel.

Our Whole-Person Approach

At our multispecialty clinic, our expert team provides Orthopedic Surgery / Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery / Upper & Lower Extremity, Board certified Anesthesiologist / Pain Management ,Chiropractic/Physiotherapy, and Radiology. Our health team joins forces and expertise to provide you the strongest approach toward injury recovery. We understand the frustration and discomfort that are connected with auto accident injuries and encourage Santa Ana residents to contact us immediately after an accident. The sooner we begin treatments, the less likely your injury will turn into a lasting complaint. Our approach fits the needs of those seeking alternative and traditional treatment options. We have convenient appointments and may be able to see you on the same day. First Hope Medical Clinic, Inc. / OC Injury Doctors will bring hope to you in the form of a caring approach with effective techniques. You will leave our office feeling better than when you arrived. Call us today at (714) 543-5005.

First Hope Medical Clinic offers Auto Accident / Personal Injury and other health services to injured victims involved in auto accidents or slip-and-fall injuries and personal injury attorneys across